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Thank you for your interest in my services. My name is Christelle Maignan and I’m a personal performance and small business coach based in Cambridge, UK. I coach people from all over the world by phone or on Skype. I’m passionate about helping them to bring their projects to fruition and realise their full potential. Here’s the story of how and why I became a coach.

Christelle Maignan

My Story

I’ve always followed my passions. This has led me to make several significant changes in my life in order to achieve the results I wanted. One of the reasons I love coaching is that I want to help you through some of the difficulties I myself have faced. I want to create a safe space for you to take on new challenges and grow.

My first big life transition happened when, fresh from university, I left my home in France to look for work as a translator in the UK — my first passion was for languages. Entering the job market is a daunting experience for most of us, and looking for my first real job abroad certainly came with a few added challenges. But I also remember this time as a very exciting learning experience. My head was full of hopes and dreams, and my sense of purpose and direction kept me going until I found the job I wanted, in the city where I wanted to live.

A few years later, I went through another big transition when I decided to go freelance. I’d had a great time working as an in-house translator, but I’d always been independent, and working for someone else simply didn’t give me the sense of freedom I was looking for. It was time for me to move on and grow, but a lack of confidence and the fear of not finding any clients stopped me from taking the leap. It’s only after months of hesitation that I finally decided to go solo. To my surprise, it didn’t take me very long to find clients, and although a few sacrifices had to be made, I was soon working full-time and making more money than when I was employed.

After almost 10 years in self-employment, things started to change in my industry. I’d been specialising in the fields of IT and consumer electronics, some of the first areas to be transformed by the introduction of automatic translation. I was being asked more and more often to check translations produced by machines, which made me feel less valued as a professional, not to mention the added anxiety of not knowing for how long machines would actually require my input. Although I later realised that I could future-proof myself as a translator, I felt at the time that I needed a new sense of purpose, and I turned to a life-long passion for psychology and personal development to prepare for a career change.

I enrolled with the Coaching Academy, in London, to study for a diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, and later a diploma in Small Business Coaching. Finding the time to train for a new job whilst working full-time wasn’t easy, but the skills and techniques I learned on the course, as well as the support of my own coach, helped me to stay motivated and focused.

As I still had a passion for translation, I decided to align my existing job with my new career, and created Coaching For Translators. I started writing a blog about the changes that the translation industry is facing, and within a few months I was invited to give my first talk at a translators conference in Oslo, Norway. This was quickly followed by invitations to talk in other cities around the UK and abroad, including London, Manchester, Bergen, Prague and San Francisco.

Targeting translators as my initial niche market helped me to transition smoothly from my existing career as a translator to my new career as a coach. It opened a door for me and allowed me to offer my services to a receptive audience. As I gained more and more experience, I decided to expand my coaching services to a larger audience. I wanted to help other people to achieve their goals and I created Passion To Fruition.

When I’m not coaching and translating, I enjoy travelling and going to improvised comedy classes. Both activities give me opportunities to explore new territories, either abroad or on stage, and allow me to keep on growing as an individual.


Coaching Academy “International Coach Of The Year 2016”