Tailor-Made Sessions

All of my coaching sessions are available on the phone or on Skype, with or without the video. They are adapted to your specific needs and can be taken at intervals that suit you – weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc. They are designed to help you to reach your personal and/or business goals faster and more efficiently, and you will leave each session with a plan of action that we will review together at the beginning of the next session. Payment can be made by bank transfer, by card or via Paypal.


Personal Performance Coaching

Each Personal Performance Coaching session lasts 60 minutes.

Each coaching session will give you an opportunity to:

  • Set a well-defined, motivating goal and break it down into clear, manageable steps
  • Review your current situation and identify your challenges, as well as your strengths and resources
  • Honour your needs and values, and celebrate your successes
  • Brainstorm new, creative ideas to help you to progress towards your goal
  • Develop an action plan that fits your timetable and motivates you to move forwards

As a result of our work together, you can expect to:

  • Make a smoother, faster transition towards your goals
  • Have an increased sense of clarity and focus
  • Feel more confident, self-aware and motivated
  • Benefit from an improved sense of balance
  • Improve your time management skills


Small Business Coaching

Each Small Business Coaching session lasts 90 minutes.

Many freelancers decide to start their own business because they’re passionate about what they do, and they’re good at it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they know how to run a business, and this can take them well outside their comfort zone. It can also feel quite lonely when all decision-making rests with you alone.

Coaching has long been used in corporate environments to develop people and promote business performance. It is now spreading fast across small businesses and freelancers who have heard of its many benefits, including increased confidence, improved time management and better informed sales and marketing strategies.



Experience has shown me that a minimum of six sessions is required to make a real difference and create long-lasting learning and results. It’s my pleasure to offer you the following coaching packages to suit your needs:

Personal Performance Coaching:

  • 6x 60-min. coaching sessions, to be taken within 6 months: £450 (£75/session)
  • 9x 60-min. coaching sessions, to be taken within 9 months: £630 (£70 per session)
  • 12x 60-min. coaching sessions, to be taken within 12 months: £780 (£65 per session)

Small Business Coaching:

  • 6x 90-min. coaching sessions, to be taken within 6 months: £600 (£100/session)
  • 9x 90-min. coaching sessions, to be taken within 9 months: £855 (£95 per session)
  • 12x 90-min. coaching sessions, to be taken within 12 months: £1,080 (£90 per session)

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Want to try before you buy? No problem. You can download a FREE 30-min “taster” session (mp3 file) here.

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For more information about my coaching programmes and terms and conditions, or to book a free consultation, please send me a message using my Contact Form. All information shared with me is confidential and I promise not to share your details with anyone else.